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Kryton’s Krystol Mortar Admixture

18th Jul 2016 Products by Anandita Kakkar

For over two decades, the Indian construction industry has continued to grow with innovative new technologies and methodologies. With the market opening up to international standards of products and technologies, the country has been experiencing a surge in options. Of these new technologies, Dry-mix Mortar has seen a dramatic rise in popularity, not just limited to the Indian market, but on a global level. This type of mortar is playing a vital KMA application03role in the development of today’s global construction materials. The growth rate of mortar in the construction industry has consistently been at close to 20% in developing and booming markets such as China, India, and Brazil.

Dry mix mortar in India has been a constant in every construction project, big or small. In many parts of India, the tried and true method of building continues to be bricks and mortar. It’s fast, reliable, well understood and effective – except in periods of high humidity. The biggest challenge here is moisture. When not waterproofed against high humidity and rain, masonry mortar allows for leaks and seeping. This is destructive to the overall project, as construction costs for repairs and replacement will grow. This is why Kryton Buildmat is introducing an effective and permanent solution: Krystol Mortar Admixture (KMA).

KMA  is a hydrophilic crystalline powder that is added to mortar during mixing to provide long-term waterproofing protection.  It is a multi-use product as it can be used as a masonry mortars and concrete masonry units against water and waterborne contaminants by reducing permeability and absorption of the mortar. Building maintenance and repair costs can be significantly decreased by improving durability and by preserving the original appearance through the use of KMA.

KMA contains Kryton’s unique and proven Krystol technology. Krystol chemically reacts with water and un-hydrated cement particles to form insoluble needle-shaped crystals that fill capillary pores and micro-cracks in the concrete and block the pathways for water and waterborne


contaminants. Any moisture introduced over the lifespan of the concrete will initiate crystallization, ensuring permanent waterproofing protection.

Why choose KMA?

  • Lowers upfront building costs compared to surface applied sealers
  • Simplifies installation, eliminating labour, and shortening the construction cycle
  • Increases the life of your mortar and decreases building maintenance and repair costs
  • Increases durability and delivers a permanent solution with materials designed to last the lifetime of the mortar
  • Maintains the original appearance and cleanliness for lasting building attractiveness

For more information on KMA or any other Kryton products, please visit our website or contact a local sales representative.

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