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5 Things to Remember During Monsoon Season in India

06th Jul 2016 Concrete Waterproofing, Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt. Ltd. by Anandita Kakkar

Monsoon season in India is approaching, and if the meteorological department’s forecast is correct, this year we will see the skies open up and shower the country with insurmountable rains. The Monsoon is great news for the country insofar as it provides the land with great relief from relentless heat. However, this season can wreak havoc for your concrete, delaying projects and significantly reducing the durability of a structure.

Kryton Buildmat brings to you 5 things one should remember about concreting during Monsoon season in India:

  1. Amount of free water:

96_6Due to the increase in humidity it is essential to be particular about the free water present in the sand and aggregate while mixing. Additional water should be compensated to stay within the mix’s limit so that the strength of the concrete and structure isn’t compromised.

  1. When to avoid your pour:

During a pour you should make sure that the conditions are not overly wet or windy. It’s recommended that the pour should be done when there has been more than 12 hours of dry weather. Also, you should make sure that the final setting of cement has been done when the weather is dry. In these cases, rain and water can wash away the cement, leaving honeycombs and large pores in the concrete.

  1. Fighting high winds:

Monsoons also bring with them strong winds, which can become problematic. These winds will cause bleeding and lead to shrinkage cracks, which means you should be extra careful while concreting in high winds. One way to combat winds is to ensure the shuttering is strong and resilient.

  1. Transportation of Concrete

Crystalline AdmixtureWhen the whole city is congested with traffic, Ready-mix trucks find it difficult to reach their destination on time. This can cause to over mixing. Also, many Ready-mix trucks have top open or non-working tops, which may cause extra water to enter the mix, which is detrimental to the final product. Ensuring proper timing for Ready-mix trucks to arrive on-site and preparing for delays is vital to pouring a durable concrete mix.

  1. Adding waterproofing admixtures

Adding trusted waterproofing admixtures is not just important but necessary during Monsoon season. While the Concrete is being poured or placed, make sure that you have added the right kind of waterproofing admixture. A Hydrophilic admixture becomes part of the concrete mix making the concrete the waterproof barrier, which is vital to ensuring water does not penetrate the structure, even during Monsoon season.

Monsoon season poses many challenges for concrete projects. Fortunately, solutions exist to ensure that the structure being built becomes durable and resilient in any weather.

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