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Chandigarh Citi Center

28th Aug 2017 Concrete Waterproofing, Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt. Ltd. by Anandita Kakkar

Chandigarh Citi Center



In a diverse country like India, every city is unique. There are cosmopolitan, metropolitan and urbanised cities. Between all these are cities better known as the mini-metros.

What’s different and outstanding about these mini-metros is that they want to develop at a fast pace without making a compromise in the quality of the development. These cities understand the importance of good infrastructure and work towards creating a well designed, planned and developed city that will push forward economic growth and better the lifestyle of its citizens.

One such city is the Chandigarh Capital Region. The region has always been an example of great development. Renowned for its exemplary modern architecture and great city planning, Chandigarh has been innovative in its construction.

The region is developing at breakneck speed and is opening its doors to various international lifestyle, automotive and construction brands.

In the midst of this fast-paced development, a first-of-its-kind project has become the talk of the town. Chandigarh Citi Center at Zirakhpur. A 10-acre commercial project, Chandigarh Citi Center is a gateway to international level facilities at a scale that is new to the city.

Chandigarh City Center has also set the pace for development for the rest of Tristate area.

So, what happens when a prestigious project is looking for a complete waterproofing solution? They come to Kryton. Every high investment project looks for durability and insurance of investment. That’s why Chadigarh Citi Center chose the complete Kryton solution.

The entire structure is watertight, thanks to Kryton.

Architect – I E design
Contractor – Surya Constructions

Post authored by Munish Sharma

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