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PS Srijan Corporate Park

04th May 2016 Project by Anandita Kakkar

IMG_20160111_084105PS Sirjan Corporate Park is a commercial development offering offices spaces and commercial shops with all the modern amenities. The construction project was aimed at providing a multi-storied building specifically for the IT sector. This is considered a landmark construction project with both national and international IT companies as prospective clients.

One of the concerns was the high-traffic that would occur through the drive-way of the area. It being a burgeoning tech park, it was designed to take extremely high vehicular movement throughout the year. However, with that amount of traffic moving through the same area, the drive way need a durable solution to ensure it didn’t deteriorate.


The project managers originally specified Kryton Buildmat to waterproof the construction joints with Krystol T1 and Krystol Bari -Cote. The two products were specified to ensure a watertight seal for the joints. Further, for the drive way, Kryton Buildmat’s Roof Gardi was specified to ensure that the wear and tear on the concrete would not deteriorate earlier than expect. Roof-Gardi is a thermosetting plastic elastomeric, synthetic based waterproof membrane and was used because of its excellent flexibility and thixotropic nature.

As of writing, both the construction joints and drive way are watertight and durable as specified by Kryton Buildmat.



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