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Conserving Water During Holi

22nd Mar 2016 Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt. Ltd. by Anandita Kakkar

Holi – the Indian festival of colours is one of the most famous festivals in India and globally renowned.  Case and point, the latest Coldplay video, hymn for the weekend featuring the festival of colours.

Image 2Celebrated across the nation with enthusiasm, the Holi celebration in the North and West are always a step ahead of the rest of the country. This festival has people using colour through the day to play with family and friends.

One of the highlights of Holi has been water. Coloured for fights and used to clean the mess afterwards, water is an intrinsic part of the festival. It has been reported that Holi is the day with the most water usage and waste across the country. Lately, various governmental bodies have been educating their towns and cities to have a water friendly Holi and conserve water. Citizen groups across the country are trying to spread the message of a dry Holi and have been pushing their communities to play Holi in a manner that helps save water.

Coincidently, World Water Day falls 2 days before Holi this year and brings with it the message of conserving water. Approximately 1 billion people across the globe do not have access to potable water. Woman across India walk for miles to get clean drinking water and many rural districts have seen their crops turn to dust during record-breaking droughts. And while so many humans combat water shortage on a daily basis, we can try to ensure that our celebrations are not insensitive to this fact.

Image 1Being an active supporter of water conservation, Kryton has constantly worked towards technologies that help save water and keep potable water safe from seepage and leakage. With this thought, Kryton-India wishes everyone a Happy Holi and requests you to make this Holi even more special by saving every drop you can for people to whom water is but a luxury.

Here’s wishing you a colourful and water friendly Holi!

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