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Don’t Leave Your Concrete Structure at Risk!

17th Dec 2015 Concrete Waterproofing by Anandita Kakkar

Whether a developer is constructing mega-structures or smaller homes, they need to be built with the intention to last a long lifespan. However, something as simple and common as water can wreak havoc on the durability of a building, causing premature deterioration which leads to a shortened lifespan. Let’s talk about 3 areas picture003where water can become a serious problem and remove years or even decades from the life of a concrete structure.

  1. Basement
    – At the foundation of the structure, basements are at the highest risk of leakage and seepage. The initial part of the construction, basements normally hold expensive cargo such as cars or sometimes even offices and storage areas. Normally constructed below the water table, basements often face high hydrostatic water pressure and high building weight, which causes small cracks  leading to seepage of water. Water brings with it various chemicals that lead to corrosion of the steel and compromises the durability and safety of the structure.
  2. Joints – Joints are a part of the process of concrete construction. Unfortunately, these joints can also be weak points of structures not normally associated with leaks. Across the globe, architects and consultants take extra care while waterproofing construction joints as they know that a single leak in a small joint can spread water across the building and lead to expensive and time-consuming repairs. Contractors are willing to spend a little extra during construction to waterproof these joints so that they are guaranteed sturdy.
  1. Water Containment Structures – Swimming pools, water tanks, or any structure that is meant to hold water must be watertight to avoid any leakage. This is essential to ensure these structures are able to do its job. In hotels and various other buildings, these water containment units can leak and create a whole set of damaging issues not just for the containment structure, but the rest of the adjacent structure as well. Bharat Oman Refinery, Bina, Madhya PradeshEspecially with overhead swimming pools and water tanks, a small leak can lead to millions of dollars in overall damage.

As an Industry we need to look into making structures waterproof from the very beginning and only then can we reduce the cost of repair, and create structures that are durable and sturdy.

What other areas do you face leakage problems in? Write to us to let us know.

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