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Chennai Faces Record Rainfall

19th Nov 2015 Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt. Ltd. by Anandita Kakkar

Sometimes the weather just does not cooperate with what our needs are at the time and it inconveniences us. To combat this inconvenience, we use umbrellas, rain jackets, put on an extra layer, and equip our vehicles with tires appropriate for the weather period. This is preparation for weather patterns in its simplest form.

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However, on many occasions throughout the world, weather can be much harsher. For instance, hurricanes, tsunamis, and flooding, just to name a few, are all realities of today’s world. These horrific weathering events can destroy lives, crumble cities, and bankrupt a nation if not properly accounted and prepared for.

In some cases, preparation is not possible, like a hurricane ripping through a small town in southern USA or an earthquake in a third world country. Mother Nature can be unrelenting and unpredictable in the best of times; however, this does not mean that there is weathering destruction that can be avoided.

Currently, Chennai, India is experiencing its highest rainfall in a decade. So far, the onslaught has washed away Chennai’s expensive on-going drainage and distilling projects. Chennai experienced 246.5 mm of rainfall in 24 hours which broke a November 2005 record of 142.4 mm, according to Chennai’s meteorological department. The expensive drainage projects that occurred over the past two years are still clogged, leaving the city underwater for the time being.

Questions are now being raised about the technical aspects of the execution of the drainage projects, which decided not to use concrete reinforcements. Regardless, preventative measures were thought to be put into place for this rainfall (which was warned of months in advance), yet the infrastructure failed to support its residents.

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Scenes like these should be taken into account all over the world, as should have been done with the countless others before, to breed a call to action in building a city, state, and country’s infrastructure with durability top-of-mind. It starts with using the right products, those that can withstand the harshness of Mother Nature and last for an appropriate lifespan. As concrete is one of the most used products associated with building infrastructure, ensuring it is resistant to infiltration of water and the onslaught of water pressure is key, which means concrete waterproofing is vital.

For Chennai, rain is expected to continue for the time being, but will let up within the next week, according to reports. However, the damage is done and the rebuild needs to begin.

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