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Waterproofing a Symbol of Independence

12th Aug 2015 Concrete Waterproofing, Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt. Ltd. by Anandita Kakkar

India Parliament 2As India celebrates 68 years of Independence from the United Kingdom, we at Kryton-India and Kryton International, celebrate being a part of a monument that stands tall as a symbol of democracy, power, and freedom: The Parliament House.

Known for its royal heritage and grand stature, this structure witnessed the changing of powers from Colonial to the provisional Government and the framing of the constituency. It remains today as the power centre for the world’s largest democracy.

The building has been used since the 1920s and has hosted various political dignitaries from across the globe. The structure houses the Members of Parliament and their extended staff, as well as operating as the main chambers for all political discussions and decisions. The shape of a country and a people is done within those historic walls.

India Parliament 1Over the last few years, the Parliament has been adding certain facilities to the existing structure, which has called for concrete waterproofing. Keeping in mind the high security risk involved at every juncture, a solution that works the very first time and will last the test of time is absolutely critical. Kryton-India had successfully worked on the Library of the Parliament a few years, which made the decision to use Kryton’s line of Krystol products for the Annexe building an easy choice. The first phase has been successful and an extension to the project has also been awarded to Kryton-India.

Kryton-India is proud to have a made in India concrete waterproofing product that was used in the Parliament with great success. Kryton-India is proud to be serving the nation the best way they can, by producing products in India that are creating a waterproof and durable tomorrow for the nation.

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