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20 Reasons to Choose Kryton-India: Part One

04th Aug 2015 Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt. Ltd. by Anandita Kakkar


For the past two decades, Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt. Ltd (Kryton-India) has been bringing innovative concrete waterproofing technology to the sub-continent of India. Changing the perspective of traditional waterproofing measures over into the future of durable, resilient, and sustainable construction practices has always been met with challenges.

kimDue to those challenges, we have presented 20 reasons why Kryton-India is the right choice for your concrete waterproofing problems, broken into two parts. Here is the first half of the list, beginning with our history in the Indian market.

  1. Waterproofing concrete in India since 1995
  2. Parent company, Kryton-International is the inventor of the crystalline waterproofing admixture (Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM))
  3. Patented technology
  4. Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) was the winner of the Most Innovative Product Award (2003) from the World of Concrete and Hanley Wood
  5. Approved and certified by Engineers India Limited (EIL), Municipal Corporation (NDMC), Delhi Development Authority (DDA), Central Public Works Department (CPWD), Public Works Department (PWD), Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) etc.
  6. Extensive third party testing and certification
  7. Has been tested and approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI mark) and the British Board of Agreement (BBA)
  8. 10 year standard material warranty programs
  9. Increases your revenues by allowing for a larger building footprint (versus traditional membranes)
  10. Reduces maintenance and repair costs (versus traditional membranes) – which will save your project money

These are just 10 of the reasons Kryton-India is the concrete waterproofing company of choice in India. Next blog we will point out another 10 reasons why Kryton-India and its patented Kryton Krystol technology should be used on your next concrete project.

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