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Celebrating the Kryton-India Family

21st Jul 2015 Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt. Ltd. by Anandita Kakkar

As Kryton-India gears up to celebrate 20 years of success in the Indian market, the people who have made all of it possible are being celebrated. At the annual company trip, Kryton-India wanted to celebrate and recognized the employees who have and will continued IMG_2348 (Medium)to play a huge part in the success of the company.

The trip started in the early hours of the day as two buses filled with Kryton-India employees and their families left for the beautiful Jim Corbett Park – India’s oldest National Park and the greatest Tiger reserves of the subcontinent. Once there, the team scattered to their private rooms spread across acres of beautiful mango trees.

After an immaculate lunch and casual conversation, the team assembled together to play fun bonding activities where the victors would receive a gift, and, more importantly, some boasting rights for the rest of the year. Though a competition with a winner, in the end, all who participated had an excellent time with fantastic colleagues and friends.

After this informal ice-breaker, the senior team brought out the shields that were to be presented to employees who have been Krytonites for more than 10 and 5 years.

IMG_2250 (Medium)

Executive Director, Anil Kumar Varma presents Deputy General Sales Manager, Sanjeev Mehta with a shield.

After the ‘ice-breaker’, Kryton-India’s senior team presented 5 and 10 year recognition shields to Krytonites. A total of 16 employees were awarded the shields, with 11 for Krytonites having more than 10 years of service at Kryton-India. For the new and old employees alike it was a great feeling to see how the Company has held on to its international belief of putting their employees first. Each employee had a great story to tell from the years they had spent with the company and were proud certainly still proud to be a part of the Kryton-India team.

Kryton-India Executive Director, Mr. Anil Kumar Varma presented the awards and spoke about the efforts of each employee and how they had helped the team come together to achieve the great success to date, as well as the continued success in the future. The evening ended with the employees playing team games such as volleyball at the resort.

The next day the team travelled through the picturesque surroundings and visited the animal museum. The evening ended with dancing to old and new Bollywood songs and dinner.

This trip was a culmination of one of the more successful years Kryton-India has experienced since inception 20 years ago. Further, to honour those Krytonites who have toiled the concrete soils for an extended amount of time is evidence of the successful company culture that has been ingrained within Kryton-India over the past 20 years.

See you all next year!

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