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Celebrating 20 years of Waterproofing India

09th Jul 2015 Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt. Ltd., Kryton International Inc. by Anandita Kakkar

20 years ago, India opened up its economy and was at a threshold of launching new infrastructure projects and investing in developmental work. The government was set to welcome international names to invest in the Indian economy.  The Canadian government knew that an early entry in to the nascent Indian economy would spell wonders for both the countries; their foresight was to work towards profitable and fruitful bilateral ties.


Umesh Kakkar shaking hands with Kryton International Inc.’s Chairman of the Board, Ron Yuers.

Kryton International Inc., a respected name in the waterproofing field in Canada and saw this as a great opportunity. The Company knew that India was the right place to reach out to the entire sub-continent and wanted to work towards creating a market for the crystalline industry. Using his business instincts, Kryton’s founder, Ron Yuers, reached out to the Indian market to look for entrepreneurs like him who understood and appreciated quality construction products. He was introduced to Umesh Kakkar in early 1993 through a common friend in Australia who had done business with Kryton, having great success with Kryton’s Krystol technology on many different projects. However, it wasn’t till late 1995 when the dynamic duo Ron and Umesh came together to start a company.

Umesh Kakkar knew that to truly differentiate the brand from competition and to grow substantially year on year, Kryton had to create a manufacturing base in India. The India team understood the importance of customization and localization of packaging, product and solutions, working with the parent company to find the right product mix for India and the Indian-subcontinent. Kryton assured the quality was consistent to international standards, through global testing & supply of base material; the Indian team worked towards certifying products to the strict Indian standards.

pic 2

Umesh Kakkar and Ron Yuers showing off the original Kryton-India brand

In 1995, Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt. Ltd. (Kryton-India) was conceived and the team worked vigorously to set up the first of its kind crystalline waterproofing manufacturing unit in India. The manufacturing unit made sure that the Kryton promise of quality and the 10-year warranty stands true to its word.

Today, as the Company celebrates its 20th anniversary, we look back at the challenges the Company faced changing mind-sets and winning over clients one by one. The Company has always prided itself in giving solutions to technically difficult projects and this has led Kryton-India to be a trusted name throughout the Indian construction industry. For 20 years, Kryton-India has been a torch bearer for crystalline technology in India, and has worked fiercely to educate the industry to the innovation Krystol technology brings to concrete waterproofing.

The 20 years celebration is recognition of the vision of the Indo-Canadian venture that today stands tall as one of India’s pioneering crystalline waterproofing manufacturers. We celebrate the struggles and successes, looking back at the people and projects that have helped us reach another milestone.

We also look forward to the future where Kryton-India is a part of every job site creating dusty dry buildings across the country.

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